The search for qualified, competent staff is our specialty. If staff shortages limit the development of your business – contact us. We will give you access to qualified employees in almost any specialization. Basing on years of experience with employees from various countries and cultural backgrounds, we decided to focus on Asian employees. With absolute confidence, we can recommend them as reliable, loyal and effective staff members that can perform even the most difficult tasks that require the highest qualifications and involvement.



As part of our service, we provide a database of candidates that fulfil your criteria. We conduct the recruitment and selection of candidates and present the recommended ones. We also organize interviews with candidates (on your demand). Then, the selected candidates are employed at your company.


You ask us to conduct specific services, and we provide those services through Asian employees. We are responsible for the recruitment and selection of appropriate candidates. We conduct all the procedures associated with the legalization of stay, work, staff servicing and accounting associated with the employment of foreigners. Foreigners are employed at our company and provide services to you.


We employ Asian staff for you as temporary employees. We are responsible for the recruitment and selection of appropriate candidates. We cover the legalization of stay and work, staff and accounting services associated with the employment of foreigners. Foreigners are employed at our company and work for you.

About Us

We are a team of professionals that operate using the brand Everest Work Solution. The team consists of people associated with Human Resources. We have been conducting recruitment and the legalization of stay and work of foreigners for several years. In our private lives, some of us prefer mountain hiking, whereas others take to the sea. We provide personnel services for companies adjusted to customer needs. Thanks to years of personal experience in business, we know that every company is different and requires an individual approach. Thanks to our numerous contacts, we are able to offer services of the highest quality. We understand business very well and we know the value of mutual trust and effective cooperation. These are the values that serve as the foundation for our relations with customers. We know and understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face every day. One of those challenges is to provide enough staff to successfully complete tasks. We would like to help you with that!


  • We acquire employees from the following countries: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
  • These countries are characterized by a difficult economic situation, overpopulation, very high unemployment rate and low wages.
  • People are used to emigrating due to job opportunities. Most of them communicate in English.
  • These people are kind, smiling and eager to help. They have good communication skills and are used to hard work.


  • Reliable and loyal employees.
  • pecialists in highly requested areas on the market in Poland and abroad are also available for hire.
  • Long-term cooperation.
  • Individuals are highly motivated to work.
  • Individuals that cooperate in a group.
  • Communication in English.
  • Competitive employment costs.


We begin our cooperation by analyzing Customer needs. We initiate the recruitment process when we receive an order for employees – depending on the type of employees, we recommend Asian countries with the highest chance of finding appropriate employees. After the customer accepts the candidates, we begin the process of the legalization of work for foreigners. Then, we organize and initiate the visa procedure. After acquiring the visa, candidates arrive in Poland within 2-3 weeks. The whole process takes between 12 to 24 weeks.


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